Juan Carlos, London:

Amazing wines made with love, passion and history. A tasteful and great experience. Georgian wines are some of the best and need more recognition because they are good and it's deserved. Juan Carlos Rincón (Rincón de Cata, Londres)

Mindia, London:

Tried Georgian white wine from the relatively unknown "Baia's Wine". And what a blessing it was. The experience I encountered was joyful and second to none. Such a superb combination of palette, aroma and fragrance. It could easily compete with it's best French and Italian counterparts. No wonder, es popular legends had it, Georgian Wines were singled out by the almighty gods themselves. now it is a time for Georgian Wineries to conquer the world. In Vino Veritas.

Helen, Bromley:

We are really enjoying our Georgian wine! There was barely any red wine left in the supermarket today so we are all the more grateful for it. Thank you and cheers @tasteofgeorgia.co.uk 🍷😘

Kate, London:

Super educational evening @tasteofgeorgia.co.uk. So many new varieties to learn about amongst dry wine, sweet wine, Qvervi, oak - and over 8000 years of winemaking experience - brilliant!

Michael, London:

So many thanks to Eka, Richard and friends for a great night!

Alex, West Wickham:

We just opened a bottle of Mukuzani red and it was the perfect accompaniment to our cheese evening. Absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it!