Matrobela Wines

Matrobela winery is situated in a charming village called Kisiskhevi near Telavi in Kakheti. Matrobela Wines was established in 2015 by Irakli Topuria with a clear vision of making high quality wine in limited capacity. While looking for ta wine-maker for Matrobela, Irakli favoured Temuri Dakishvili, a gifted representative of the young generation of Georgian wine-makers, who in spite of his young age has extensive vision of contemporary wine-making status as well as deep knowledge of traditional Georgian wine-making heritage.

Matrobela owns their vineyards and produces 35-40k litres of wine, mainly by using their grapes nurtured in their vineyards. They produce both European style and traditional qvevri wines in their Marani (Georgian cellar).Matrobela owns 10 qvevris, each capable of holding 1.8-ton of wine and they are all been used to full capacity. Matrobela sells their wines in Georgia and exports to UK, Poland, Czech Republic and China.